It's about how we engage in The Good Struggle that gives life its meaning.


I  was trained as a Narrative therapist.  Simply put Narrative therapy and practices is about you and the specific context of your life.  Unlike traditional psychology, what I do is not about diagnosing, labeling, or pathologizing your actions and your beliefs.

What I do is help you - the true expert in your own life -  find the meaning you want for your life by helping you create identity that is rich, meaningful, and supported.

This is done through a collaborative process of co-creating meaning, of finding allies in your life, and by understanding how our culture and your specific lived experiences have positioned you to believe certain things about who you are, how people perceive you, and what is possible for you.

I work with individuals, groups, and organziations and specialize in helping people learn to manage  the struggles we all face everyday.

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