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Kenny Benjamin - MA Marriage & Family Therapy



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Master’s Degree in Marriage & Family Therapy

Some of the other Meaningful things I've has done in my Life

  • Narrative Therapist in private practice clinic setting
  • Therapist in inner city public schools and in kids homes
  • Co-owner of Creative Kids, A children’s Art center and Gym
  • Senior Director of Human Resources at IMS, A web development company
  • Co-owner of an Early Literacy Center
  • Political organizer
  • Pre-School teacher
  • Talent Manager
  • 3 years as a stay at home dad with a 2 to 5 year-old girl


I t was in graduate school that I came to see that psychology was based on a set of assumptions that supported one way of being and of understanding how to be in the world, the idea of what was "normal".

My own life and my lived experience told me that this was ridiculous and even harmful to accepting myself. I knew that there had to be other ways to be happy and to find meaning in life.

This was a radical idea in relation to psychology and how the truths it articulates about identity shape and control out lives.

In my search for answers I found another way of seeing the world, a way that made space for looking at our lives through our own unique experiences and histories, through culture, class, race, gender, and values. This seemed to supply me with the language of living and making sense of life that I had been seeking since I was a little boy.

After graduating with my Master's I went to work in a clinic that practiced a kind of therapy that's purpose was to help people make meaning of their lives within the context and appreciation of their actual lived experiences and not just some universal application of psychological norms.

This was a little bit of heaven for my mind and for my soul.

That was 4 years ago and I have since spent a few years working in two very different worlds, one with inner city boys and the struggles of poverty, racism, low expectations, and no access or role models...and the other with upscale, wealthy, and privileged folk who battled the more esoteric problems of philosophy, meaning, and time.

Those conversations were always one on one in a room with both physical and cultural walls. Walls that often seemed counterproductive. So I tried an experiment and starting a "coaching" practice where I met people in their actual lives, in their homes or offices, in museums or coffee shops.

This seemed to offer a new opportunity for people. Instead of what often happens in therapy when someone discovers something in the room and then has a very difficult time bringing that new truth back into their real lives.

It is now my desire to take those conversations and the unique knowledges that I acquired from them about who we are and about how we struggle into the world on a broader scale and continue the conversation with a greater number of people.

About Your Mother is the vehicle to invite you to engage in those conversations with me.

I hope you will join with me and together we will struggle and try to figure some stuff out.

T hank you for being a part of the conversation.

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